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About the Speaker:  John M. Kuhry, Sr.
John Kuhry is a polished keynote speaker with many years of experience. This experience includes being a guest lecturer at some of the greatest Business Schools in America including M.I.T., Wharton, Stanford, USC, University of Chicago, and Penn State. He has keynoted conventions, seminars, and business annual meetings.
His style is passionate and direct, and he always talks about subjects from which he has gained insights through a long and successful business career. He enjoys poetry and often begins and/or ends his speeches with an appropriate poem.
John has appeared weekly on international internet radio with his 90 minute Program Conversations with John Kuhry, Sr. on the Forward Boldly Network. The Program covers "hot topics" within the Catholic Faith.

Speech Topics
John Kuhry speaks in three different categories of topics tailored to the milieu in which the speech is to be given. These categories are golf, business ethics and productivity, and the Catholic religion. Examples include the following:
Religion - Parenting, Procreation, Laity, Heresy, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy
Business - Ethics Today, Management Responsibility, Productivity
Golf - Preparing To Play, Practice, Patience, Prevailing
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Keynote speeches typically run from 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes, with question and answer sessions following as appropriate. Most keynotes are available on CD and all speeches are recorded on site. Audience sizes vary from a small group of 100 to larger groups up to 5,000. The speaking method is summary statement style, meaning that throughout he intersperses Socratic type questions that ask the audience to connect the dots.
About the Author:  John M. Kuhry, Sr.
He has written many articles and essays on the topics shown previously over the last quarter century. His first book, Hardest Is Best, Our Human Heritage is now available in paperback, audio, and Internet streaming. The back cover contains the following statement: "When you have buried your first child, and have her saintly inspiration shining down from Heaven each day, your priorities are clarified and your duties to society increase." Why should you buy this book? The first sentence of the Foreword written by Father Val J. Peter, Executive Director Emeritus of Boys Town, an author of 28 books in his own right, says: "Hardest Is Best is one of those warm books that touches your heart, and should be read and reread over and again in difficult times, or when rain is falling in your life."

Just published is a second non-fiction entitled The Risen Soul, A Chronicle of 60 Morbid Years. In the “Afterwords” chapter at the end, Mr. Kuhry writes: “I really wanted each of you to know intimately the real Charlie Randone . . . a real Risen Soul”.
Two other manuscripts, The Five Venues and The Moral Collapse of the Popular Culture will be completed in the coming years.

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